Beautiful 2.53 acres – Southern Colorado – Treed – Easy Road Access – Close to Lake

Beautiful 2.53 acres – Southern Colorado – Treed – Easy Road Access – Close to Lake

2.53 acre Lot very close to a Lake-Southern Colorado – Upper Wild Horse Mesa! Plenty of Trees for ultimate privacy as well as a nice open section toward the back of the property. Great Views – GREAT CASH DEAL! Terms available!

This property is in a great scenic location in southern Colorado, surrounded by beautiful mountains, only minutes away from Sanchez Reservoir, in the western part of Wild Horse Mesa. Perfect for fishing, boating, hiking opportunities, etc., or just to relax and enjoying the peace and quiet!. Has a nice amount of trees at the first third of the property for privacy from the road, then opens up nicely. Tall Pinion trees at the front part, then mostly sagebrush in the open area. Only one hour north of Taos.

NOTE: PROPERTY OWNER BONUS – This property legally grants access to Cielo Vista Ranch for purposes of grazing livestock for domestic purposes, gathering firewood for household use, and taking timber for construction/maintenance of a house/farm buildings. Property owners will receive a gate key for access.

Additional Info:

Visit Cielo Vista Ranch for its majestic mountain peaks, panoramic views, and the soaring height of Culebra peak. Cielo Vista Ranch offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Climb many of Colorado’s highest peaks including the only 14’er privately maintained. Culebra, (“Serpent” in Spanish) with an elevation of 14,047 feet is the highest summit of the Culebra Range, a subrange of the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains in southern Colorado. The snake-like ridge-line for Culebra gives its name true meaning as it winds its way to the summit. The privately owned Cielo Vista Ranch (“View of Heaven”) opens its gates to hikers anticipating an experience that no public land can offer. The scenic journey begins in your vehicle traveling several miles through beautiful aspen groves as you make your way to the trailhead. The sun flickers through the trees highlighting the beauty of the experience.

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ONLY $6699 $750 to secure Property*
*Down payment is $500 PLUS a $250 non-refundable doc-fee ($750 Total) SOLD


$149 for 54 months (0% Interest) $750 to secure Property*
*Down payment is $500 PLUS a $250 non-refundable doc-fee ($750 Total) SOLD

Terms Breakdown:*

  • $750 Deposit to secure Property
  • $149 per month
  • Plus a $20 note servicing fee and monthly prorated property taxes (~$6.00)

Property Info




Total 1520.26 ft






Dirt/Gravel Road








37°05’56.4″N 105°27’04.7″W (Approx.)


Rural Residential


~8980 Feet



Deed Type

Warranty Deed

Property Taxes

Approx. $69 per year




(TBD) Garland Trail, San Luis, CO 81152

Approximate Corner Coordinates:

NW: 37.0991, -105.4516

NE: 37.0988, -105.4510

SW: 37.0979, -105.4527

SE: 37.0975, -105.4521

Driving Directions: (Click links below)

From San Luis

From Taos

From Alamosa

From Colorado Springs

To Cielo Vista Ranch


Parcel Description

A beautiful treed 2.53 acre lot in Costilla County, Colorado! Upper portion of the Wild Horse Mesa. Plenty of trees for camping and RVing with some nice open areas towards the second third – located about 11 miles south of San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado, and about 56 miles north of Taos. A short distance from Taos is, Angel Fire and Red River for amazing sight-seeing and hiking and/or skiing opportunities. The property is for the most part pretty level and easy to work with.

In the mood for boating or angling? A short drive to the east (about 4 miles) is the Sanchez Reservoir, and the Sanchez Reservoir Wildlife Area, for fishing and hunting opportunities (NOTE: License required for both activities!).The property is located right on Mesa Dr. West, a well maintenance dirt road.

Utility Info:

Electric – Solar/Generator
– Would need to be installed or via delivery or Cistern
Septic – Would need to install system

Camping/RVing info:

Camping is allowed for 14 consecutive days every 3 months. For long permit camping/RVing please contact the Costilla County Planning and Zoning department directly.

Costilla County Planing and Zoning info:

Phone: (719) 937-7668


Nearby Attractions:

Wild Horse Mesa

Wild Horse Mesa (also known as San Pedro Mesa) covers about 75 square miles, a few miles south of San Luis, near New Mexico.  The mesa area is home to about 150 wild horses (mustangs), broken into 9 bands, roaming on private lands.  They are descendants of horses used by Spanish explorers (conquistadors), brought to America in the 1500’s.  Spaniards began bringing horses and cattle to North America starting in 1493, after Columbus landed in 1492. 

San Luis

Activities near San Luis

  • Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge (36mi)
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park (45mi)
  • Great Sand Dunes Wilderness.
  • Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge (58mi)
  • Rio Grande National Forest.
  • Sangre de Cristo Wilderness.


Activities in Taos

  • Taos Pueblo
  • Taos Ski Valley
  • The Millicent Rogers Museum
  • Kit Carson Museum
  • The Rio Grande Gorge and The Gorge Bridge
  • Taos Plaza
  • San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church (and many more activities)

Sanchez Reservoir

Activities at Sanchez Reservoir

  • Hunting (License required)
  • Fishing (License required)
  • Winter Activities such as Snow Shoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Snow Tubing, etc.

Distances to Places:

  • 53 Alamosa (Pharmacy, Hospital, Coffee Shops, Hardware Store, etc)
  • 11 miles to San Luis
  • 56 miles to Taos
  • 4 miles to Sanchez Reservoir

We hope the above extensive information/links to the places mentioned will inspire you that this spot is the ideal location for you to relax and enjoy! If you do need additional info, please contact us at: [email protected], or call as at: 214-919-3090Wolfwind Properties

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