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The most common question from our customers is, “How exactly does the purchasing process work?” “With Wolfwind Properties, this process is very easy and convenient. 

1. Once you have found the property that you like, to secure it, all that is required is a small down payment, which includes a non-refundable doc fee.

2. The first step is clicking on the “Reserve Now” button to make you initial down payment. This will get you to our secure payment processor.

3. The initial non-refundable doc fee is used for the paperwork preparation. The fee also takes care of notary fees, county registration fees, etc. If the Buyer places the initial deposit to secure the property, and then decides that that specific property is not what they were looking for, we give the buyer a 24 hour window to get the complete deposit refunded, INCLUDING the non-refundable doc fee. No questions asked. 

4. Once the initial down payment is received, the property will be marked as “Pending”. That way nobody else interest in that property can make a deposit. We then get started with the paperwork process, depending on which purchase option you selected (Cash or Terms).

5. For the CASH option, we prepare a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) which is signed by both parties, the Buyer and Seller. Once it is signed by both parties, we proceed with the appropriate Deed (General Warranty Deed, most commonly used). Once the Deed is signed and dated by the Seller (us), the Deed will be notarized by a licensed Notary, and then recorded with the County. Once that process is completed, you are the 100% owner of that Property. 

6. For the Terms option, we also prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA), also signed by both parties. Upon completion of the PSA, we prepare a Contract for Deed (CFD). This document outlines the exact payment process, such as total length of the term, monthly payment amount, payoff date, etc. The CFD is signed and dated by BOTH parties. We use a Note Servicing Company that will set up a Terms account for your monthly payments. NOTE: We do NOT charge interest on Terms, nor do we charge any early pay-off fees, or any fees if you decide to make larger monthly payments. 

Our purchasing process is very simple and easy. There is no middle man, just the Buyer and Seller. This eliminates additional unnecessary costs and/or unnecessary headaches, for both, the Buyer AND Seller. It makes the purchasing process very convenient and EASY! We like it that way! We are pretty sure you do as well!

Our Property pages have tons of information on the specific properties you are interested in, such as payment options, payment breakdown(s), Utilities info, parcel size, property tax info, exact location, directions, Google map link, pictures, videos, etc., etc.). If there ARE any additional questions you may have, we are always here for you to get them answered. Just email, text or call us!

Thank you!

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